Shipping Policy

We would appreciate taking into consideration the following conditions:

The presentation may have small variations depending on the availability of the packaging materials, but always preserving or improving the quality and proportions.


Our home delivery service undertakes to deliver the gift at the agreed address, on the day requested by the client, as long as it is ordered within the necessary time frames, as specified by each product, since depending on of the same and the destination change delivery times. For logistical reasons it is impossible for us to commit to an exact time. All products are delivered within the day from 7 a.m. at 7 p.m. according to a pre-established route; offices from 8:00 a.m. at 5 p.m. and residences from 7:00 a.m. at 7:00 p.m .; The delivery times suggested by the client are timely and not mandatory, due to the intense traffic in our cities for various reasons, such as marches, demonstrations, accidents, works, excess traffic, blockades, etc., we cannot guarantee you an exact delivery time, however we will do our best to ensure that our service has the quality you expect, since your trust depends largely on the punctuality of our service.

b. PRODUCTS MARKED "AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY THE SAME DAY": Products that are marked in the Store as "Available for delivery the same day" that are ordered and cleared BEFORE 2 pm (Business Days) can be delivered the same business day as requested; gifts cleared after 2 p.m. They can be delivered the next business day.


All products that are marked in the Store as "Available for delivery next business day" that are ordered and settled BEFORE 4 pm, can be delivered the next business day; gifts cleared after 4 p.m. they can be delivered in two business days; However, if logistically it is possible to deliver it, we will do it in one day. In any case, the Client will be consulted previously.


The only Sundays of the year in which we deliver are on Special dates (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, New Years, etc) : For these days it is recommended to send your orders as far in advance as possible to ensure the availability of the flowers or other types of packages requested, and a timely delivery. In order for the order to be delivered on Mother's Day and / or Father's Day, it must be settled and confirmed no later than the immediately preceding Saturday before 12 noon.

e. DELIVERIES ON SATURDAY Products with availability for delivery the same day, ordered and settled BEFORE 10 in the morning, can be delivered on Saturday, those settled after 10 in the morning, can be delivered the next business day , or Sunday in the case of a Party such as MOTHER'S DAY, FATHER'S DAY, CHRISTMAS, NEW YEAR, etc.

f. DELIVERIES IN SEPARATED MUNICIPALITIES WITH DIFFICULT ACCESS: Atlántico, Bolívar, Guajira, Putumayo, Vichada, Casanare, Caquetá, etc. it may take up to 8 business days. (Consult before ordering for more information)

g.DELIVERIES IN SAN ANDRÉS ISLAS: It is extremely difficult to get gifts to San Andrés since it is an island and there are restrictions for the entry of flowers, food, plants and non-perishable items; However, we offer you the delivery service of dry products (example: Combos with stuffed animals, baskets of chocolates, gourmet, liquors, balloons, etc.) which are sent from Bogotá.The delivery time can be up to 8 business days and You will have to cancel a small extra cost which you will be informed depending on the type of gift you want to send.

h. IMPOSSIBILITY OF DELIVERY ON HOLIDAYS: Please check the calendar before ordering, as unfortunately we cannot provide the gift delivery service on Holidays since logistics in Colombia practically paralyzes those days, making the operation enormously difficult, so we definitely prefer not to offer you the service.


The client must provide the necessary information of the recipient, so in the absence of data or error, the company will not be responsible. In the event that the client provides incorrect recipient data including personal data or address, the gift will be returned to our facilities, informing the client of the situation and a second delivery attempt will be made during the day. Due to the fact that our routes have schedules to comply with the scheduled deliveries, when there is no one who can receive it at that address or having tried to deliver it without success for more than 15 minutes in the agreed place, the following will be done: < / p>

Step 1) Call the recipient

Step 2) Deliver it to Reception, if it exists.

Step 3) If it is not possible to find someone to receive the gift, we try to deliver the next day.

In the remote but probable case that the recipient refuses to receive the gift, it is necessary for the customer to bear the cost of the next shipment.