About us?

Namaste Gifts is the new line from RegalosaColombia.com.co. We decided to name our Store like this because it is a word that we use a lot and it represents us for several years that we are on the spiritual path, of Yoga and the awakening of consciousness.

A literal translation of * Namaste is "A reverential salute to the divine in you."

RegalosaColombia.com.co is an online store founded in Colombia in 2000, with the aim of delivering Flowers and Gifts in Colombia. Over the years, a network of flower and gift distributors was formed in more than 30 countries where we currently distribute gifts and flowers, bringing families, friends, lovers, companies and thousands of people closer through distance, with presents that allow them to transmit your feelings.

We source Export Type Flowers grown mainly in the Bogotá Savannah, where floriculturists provide us with the best of their crops, thus guaranteeing a quality that can hardly be found in common florists. Most of the stuffed animals, balloons, chocolates and other gifts are imported from Europe and the United States, guaranteeing our customers AAA quality.

G we guarantee your privacy and security in your payments 100%, since we have as allies the Titans of Electronic Commerce in Latin America Pagosonline.net that have advanced technology, where the possibilities of Fraud, Problems with your credit card is equal to ZERO.

Additional, any purchase you make is automatically INSURED; This means that for any reason that your order does not reach its destination, they will refund your money. Fantastic for our Clients!

Basically this is the sum of differences between buying at RegalosaColombia.com.co, or buying at other online stores.

How do we do it?

We take our Company seriously, which is much more than just creating a simple website with photos and prices. It has taken us a lot of time, hard work, dedication and of course, Love for our Work and for our Clients. The result is High Quality Products + Agile and timely Customer Service. We simply give you our best!

Our Guarantee

We do personalized follow-up of each order. Flowers and Gifts are dispatched on the requested date in excellent condition and are personally much better than the photos. If you are unsatisfied with our service, we will find a way to compensate you, the idea is that you leave here happy and come back.

Products by Luxury

RegalosaColombia.com.co is the place to find the best of the best in terms of Luxury Gifts for your friends, family and associates, from Colombian Roses to Swiss Chocolates, we have the Perfect Gift, when you want to surprise someone special.

Where we are Located

RegalosaColombia.com.co is headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia with a contact center and a logistics center .

Thank you for choosing us!
* Namaste or Namaskar (नमस्ते [nāmāsāteā] in Hindu and Sanskrit; From the union of sandhi between name and te is a South Asian greeting expression originating from India, used as when we could use hello and goodbye in our language. But the meaning goes much deeper.

A literal translation of Namaste is "a reverential salute to his intern".

The meaning of the Namaste greeting would be quite similar to the other greeting widely used in the tantric and yogic tradition: Om Namah Sivaya The meaning of Om Namah Sivaya would be something like: "I prostrate before the Presence of God in you and me ".

  • The Spirit in me is identified with the spirit present in you.
  • I salute that place where you and I are one.
  • I bow to the divine in you.
  • I recognize that within each one of us there is a place where Divinity dwells, and when we are in that place, we are One.
  • My highest energy greets your highest energy.
  • The God in me sees and honors the God in you.
  • May the God within you bless you.

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